Hot Runner System

Seiki Corporation involved in Spear system for plastic injection industry for more than 30 years. Seiki hot runner system is suitable for many types of plastic resins such as commercial plastics, engineering plastics, reinforced plastics, etc.

Factory : Japan and Shenzhen, China.

Seiki Valve & Spear System

This reliable runnerlessmolding system enables:

  • 100% of the resin to be processed in production
  • No secondary process required
  • More profits due to faster molding cycles
  • Better quality parts
  • Automated molding operation, eliminating human factor. (Reliability)

Fundamentally solved all technical problems (resin leaking, gate clogging stringing, drooling, burning, gate balance, etc.)

  • Applicable to most thermoplastic resin
  • Long service life and maintenance free
  • Varieties of models are available, covering part weight from 0.1g through several kg.

Valve Gate System

Mechanical Valve Gate System incorporates a valve pin activated by pneumatic drive. We have full-line of valve gate including options, with the length up to 400mm, gate size of 0.8 – 8.0mm. Various kinds of valve gate in accuracy and function are available. Depends on application, valve gate with tip heater is available, too.

Valve Gate System lineup:

Spear System

The spear has a double heater structure consisting of a tip heater and a body heater. The spear tip has been modified to directly heat itself. There are a large variety of spears available to accommodate different resin types and applications.

SPT 7mm pitch:

Spear System lineup:

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