Al Wire Bonder

Supplier: Ultrasonic Engineering Co. Ltd.

The downsized ultrasonic unit incorporating higher frequency. It enables you to perform high precision bonding on various types of packages including devices in deep locations or in confined spaces.

Its fixed worktable permits it to be easily incorporated into transfer machines or FA lines


  • Bonder Exchange Kit enables REBO-7 to handle large, medium, small and ribbon wire. This enables our customers to save manufacturing cost.
    [There are some wire-bonder models which can not apply Bonder Exchange Kit, please ask our Sales division about it.]
  • REBO-7 can measure and record bonding head’s amount of sink and load which are important factors of bonding.
  • Bonding wave form can be monitored while wire-bonding. The success or failure of the products can be judged by pre-set wave form judgment standard.
  • The speed of Optical pattern recognition system is increased by Dual Core CPU.
  • There are 3 models of recognition search. Please select the best model that fits to the work piece.
  • 3 models / 5 lighting patterns can be registered for one recognition point. This decreases the stopping time caused by recognition error.
  • Table stopping time is shortened by Shutter Function (50% shorter compared with our former products) and productivity is increased.
  • By applying guillotine cutter, pure Al wire and Nickel included wire (For medium wire) can be used.