Epifine Epoxy Resin


Demand of encapsulation for High brightness SMD

  • High resistance like Silicone.
  • High UV-resistance like Silicone.
  • No peeling and cracking under Thermal shock condition -40℃⇔100~120℃
  • No peeling and cracking under Solder reflow 260℃
  • High reliability under power distribution condition at 85℃85% 20mA

Hysical Properties of EpiFine epoxy resin

  • Superior adhesive strength to various engineering plastics (PBT,LCP)
  • Keep strength even at high temperature. (250 degree Celsius)
  • Lower mis-curing by separation of epoxy and hardener.
  • Lowering outgas that has bad effects on contacts.
  • Superior electric properties, especially superior tracking resistance property (C.T.I.)