EcoPeeler for Logic Process (For 45nm and Beyond) :


  • Inorganic
  • Non-Poisonous
  • Non-Hazardous
  • EcoPeeler dose not contain any HDA(hydroxyl amine), hazardous, toxicor organic solvents.
  • It is not also necessary for additional facilities and cost associated with its disposal.
  • Ecological Chemicals for Human and Environment.
  • No damage on low-k material – proven by FTIR etc.
  • CuOx/CuO selectivity adjustable
  • < 0.4nm Cu etching amount
  • > 25nm/min CuO etching rate
  • Conservation of Critical Dimensions (CD)
  • Post-ash polymer removal
  • Optimum Inter-Layer-Dielectric (ILD) etching selectivity
  • No attack to High-k materials (HfO2 etc.)
  • Used for High Dose Implant Stripping (HDIS) post ash cleaning for minimum material loss
  • Applicable for Carbon-Nano-Tube (CNT) wet chemistry cleaning processes
  • No attack to CoSi/NiSi/NiPtSi/NiPdSi
  • User and environmental friendly

SEM Image of W Plug