Solvent Recovery System

Grade: CLEAN-ACE 100 series

Brand: Kobex

Clean Ace 100 series is equipment that distils and recycles waste solvent discharged from solvent handling sites to enable reutilization as new solvent.


The vapor-liquid connections of all models are entirely made of stainless steel for long service life. A heat pipe that achieves good thermal propagation is used for heating at the evaporator. The heat pipe structure almost permanently (patented)

  • Auto factory
  • Painting factory
  • Adhesives factory
  • Chip fabrication factory & research institute
  • Printing factory
  • Rubber factory
  • Chemical Factory

Recovery System

An ordinary pressure-type system only requires a 5 gallon can of waste liquid to be added into the system and pressing the “operate” button after setting the temperature and time. After the pre-set time, the liquid that was recovered by distillation is discharged. This type of system provides a higher level of safety.


  • Equipment with no ignition source is used in the system
  • Temperature is controlled by two independent controllers for double safety measure.

Operation flow

Product Line-up

Examples of applicable solvents

Thinner, alcohol, toluene, xylene, trichloroethylene, tetrachloroethylene, methylene, chloride, acetone, MEK, ethylacetate, etc.

The types of waste liquids vary depending on the user. Conducting a preliminary sample test is recommended when considering the purchase of our system.