Continuous Vacuum Distillation Recovery System (full automatic)

Grade/Series: Clean-Ace 800 series

Brand: Kobex


This specification aims to assist the reduction of waste volumes by operating medium-scale waste solvent recycling at factories manufacturing coatings, paints, inks, adhesives and other materials.

Clean Ace 800 series is equipment that distils and recycles waste solvent discharged from solvent handling sites to enable reutilization as new solvent.


  • Capable of continuous recovery under vacuum compression
  • Oil changes in the vacuum pump become unnecessary and the labor of maintenance is reduced.
  • Steam is used to implement low-temperature processing.
  • Devices are explosion-proof and they have no ignition sources inside the systems.


  • Painting factory
  • Chemical factory
  • Rubber factory
  • Adhesives factory
  • Auto factory
  • Printing factory
  • Chip fabrication factory
  • Research institute

Operation Flow

Patented product
The waste solvent is directly sucked up from a drum can filled with the waste solvent and fed to a distillation system. The collected solvent evaporated and distilled under vacuum decompression is continuously collected in a newly installed tank.

Examples of Applicable solvents

Thinner, alcohol, toluene, xylene, trichloroethylene, tetrachloroethylene, methylene, chloride, acetone, MEK, ethylacetate, etc.

The types of waste liquids vary depending on the user. Conducting a preliminary sample test is recommended when considering the purchase of our system (for value)