Nitto Shinko

Elepcoat , LSS series

LSS-series is the conformal and moisture proof coating material which protect PCB from external environment such as heating, moisture, and dust. This ‘’ Rubber based’’ material provides high flexibility, low humidity permeability, hydrolysis resistance and low ionic impurity.

Application (Electrics field)

This materials to protect PCB from various environment influence for long-term and high reliability.

Application (Automotive field)

LSS has been used for various PCB in automotive due to the superior long term reliability. Japanese Automotive OEM mainly uses rubber type.

Very flexible LSS-520MH layer

The Properties of coating materials

Why customers select Rubber coating? → Rubber coating material can keep its characteristics even in severe environment. This type is majority in Japanese automotive market.

Thin layer rubber type – low total cost

LSS-series provide thin layer which leads to cheap total cost per a PCB. Also, removability and various coating methods give you process flexibility.