DSP/HSP Series

  • High speed and long distance transmission by 1ch SC type multi-mode optical fiber
  • Supports resolution up to HDTV/1080P,PC/WUXGA(1920×1200)
  • TMDS video signal and EDID data is transmitted over optical fiber
  • Uses slim and light Aluminum case
  • EMC & Safety : CE, FCC
  • HDCP Compliant (HSP series)
  • Supports 12 bit Deep color (HSP series)

DSFP Series

  • High Speed and long distance transmission by optical system
  • Compatible with Display Port standard V1.1a
  • Main-link video signal / AUX data and Hot Plug Detection signal is transmitted by 1ch multi-mode fiber
  • DPCD compliant (No support HDCP mode)
  • External Power supply

Optical Connectors/Field-Installable Connectors

  • Eliminating crimping process and crimping tools
  • Cross-compatible with all SC, LC and FC connectors
  • Requires neither adhesives, hand polishing, nor matching gel
  • Instant splice loss feedback
  • Eliminates the need to inventory splice trays and preterminated jumpers
  • Complete connectorization in less than 3 minutes in case of fiber type
  • Fast, easy, and accurate permanent terminations
  • Meets Telcordia GR-326-CORE and GR-1081-CORE compliance